PTE on Coinbase Wallet

This is a brief tutorial on how to acquire and secure Peet Platform’s native token PTE with Coinbase wallet.

PTE are erc-20 compliant Ethereum tokens and are supported by Coinbase wallet. Users with existing Coinbase accounts can link their Coinbase Wallet to their Coinbase account with just a few clicks. This process is very similar to acquiring PTE through Trust Wallet or the Metamask mobile app.

Available here:
PTE are tradable for any Ethereum based asset. To save on transfer fees it is reccomended to use ETH or USDT will bring you directly to the PTE page on Uniswap. Alternatively a user could enter this address into Uniswap to find PTE themselves: 0x51bb9c623226ce781f4a54fc8f4a530a47142b6b
The most direct route to PTE is either ETH or USDT but many other options exist such as USDC and others.
Confirm your swap for PTE and approve the transaction when prompted.

Your PTE will appear in your wallet shortly. Congratulations!

Peet Platform Decentralized Finance applications and yield farming are a new take on DeFi offering cross chain functionality and future collateralization of RWA

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