Guaranteed ROI Staking Pools

Multi-blockchain, Multi-reward Staking pools with set ROI

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Peet DeFi is taking staking rewards to a whole newlevel.
With PTE staking you can:

  1. Deposit PTE from any blockchain
  2. Choose any crypto as a reward on that blockchain
  3. Earn guaranteed rates of return
  4. Benefit from the highest ROI available
  5. Join safely and simply from the staking web app


Rewards from Peet Staking Pools will always be higher and pay you more than the protocols they use to farm those rewards. This is due to over collateralization. Instead of farming for returns (i.e. yield farming) with the amount of assets added to a PTE staking pool, returns are farmed with 125% of the amount in a staking pool.

The PeetPay app described here: PeetPay, has been collecting crypto in return for PTE since the project began. The crypto collected is now used to over collateralize each staking pool so you, as a Peet DeFi user, can enjoy higher returns than were ever possible before.


Unlike other protocols, when entering a staking pool with Peet the rate you see is the rate you get. ROI are not posted estimates but are locked in rates of return added to the rewards contract the moment you join. If you see an ROI of 5% when you join the staking pool you will earn an ROI of 5% based on the price you entered at. No other protocols are doing this when rewarding anything but their native asset. Over Collateralization makes this possible


When you stake your PTE you have options. Want to earn Eth? There’s a pool for that. Want to earn Usdt? There is a pool for that as well. Want to stick with Pte as a reward? No problem. Due to the multi-blockchain nature of PTE pools with any crypto on any of PTE’s blockchain can be created and used as that pools reward.

Currently supported reward assets
Stake PTE — Earn PTE
Stake PTE — Earn WETH
Stake PTE — Earn USDT
Stake PTE — Earn any ERC-20 token

Neo, Nuls, Waves, and Binance smart chain Staking Pools are coming as well.

Peet Platform Decentralized Finance applications and yield farming are a new take on DeFi offering cross chain functionality and future collateralization of RWA

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