Multi-blockchain, Multi-reward Staking pools with set ROI

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Peet DeFi is taking staking rewards to a whole newlevel.
With PTE staking you can:

  1. Deposit PTE from any blockchain
  2. Choose any crypto as a reward on that blockchain
  3. Earn guaranteed rates of return
  4. Benefit from the highest ROI available
  5. Join safely and simply from the staking web app


Rewards from Peet Staking Pools will always be higher and pay you more than the protocols they use to farm those rewards. This is due to over collateralization. Instead of farming for returns (i.e. …

Peet DeFi launched our app page!
Connect with any web3 enabled wallet to use the dapps or interact manually if preferred.

PTE available to more people around the world.

The goal of PeetPay is to break down barriers of entry and help more users enjoy the benefits of PTE. Those who choose not to use Uniswap or exchanges can now acquire PTE directly from through PeetPay.

Using PeetPay is simple. Send in ETH or wETH and get back PTE on any address. …

$550 in prizes paid at $60k liquidity (Combined ETH, USDT)

By adding liquidity to a PTE pool on Uniswap you already earn 6.5% monthly rewards. Our article here explains how . Now you can also earn $450 more in bonuses!

550 more reasons to provide PTE liquidity

From 12:00 November 21st, 2020 until the PTE pools total $60,000 liquidity whichever address adds/stakes the most PTE will get a $450 extra bonus! A second address will also get $100! All addresses who add/stake will get the normal rewards of 6.5% monthly as well.

$450 winner: Top contributor from summing each day of stakes until bounty end. The…

This guide will show you how to add to a PTE liquidity pool on Uniswap and earn 6.5% additional returns monthly

Providing liquidity to PTE pools on Uniswap pays users 6.5% monthly plus a 0.3% share of all trades made on PTE! These rewards can add up very quickly and earn you a lot of passive income. Try our rewards calculator to see how much you could be earning!

How do liquidity pools work?

A liquidity pool (LP) is a pair of assets held in a smart contract. The purpose of these LPs are to allow for decentralized. By adding to the pool of USDT…

EARN UP TO 9% BY LOCKING ( ) is a protocol which utilizes Ethereum based smart contracts to lock crypto assets. Locking assets can be used as savings accounts, beneficiary transfers after a set amount of time, and/or to earn rewards.

PTE locked via this protocol will earn rewards as outlined below.

6% ROI for locks of 30 days
7.5% ROI for locks of 60 days
9% ROI for locks of 90 days or more

PTE are erc-20 compliant Ethereum tokens and are supported by Coinbase wallet. Users with existing Coinbase accounts can link their Coinbase Wallet to their Coinbase account with just a few clicks. This process is very similar to acquiring PTE through Trust Wallet or the Metamask mobile app.

Available here:

Peet DeFi

Peet Platform Decentralized Finance applications and yield farming are a new take on DeFi offering cross chain functionality and future collateralization of RWA

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